Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Unique NWP Route East to West

The map above charts Roald Amundsen’s historical voyage across the Northwest Passage in the early 1900′s. Since then only a hand full of sailboats have successfully crossed the Northwest Passage and most of those that have done so have followed the traditional route marked on this map.
We are attempting a unique passage in that it traces much of Amundsen’s voyage from Scandinavia to the Pacific but we plan to reach and cross the Northwest Passage in an absolutely unique manner. We plan on going much further up the West Coast of Greenland to the highest latitude possible before turning south following the coast of Ellesmere Island and instead of crossing Devon Island to the south by entering Lancaster Sound to reach Resolute which is the “traditional route” we will attempt to pass Devon Island to the North through Jones Sound, then join up with Norwegian bay to meet Northumberland Sound to sail down to Resolute from where we will evaluate the ice charts and either join up to Peel Sound or continue along the Viscount Melville Sound.

All will depend on the ice coverage at the time but by studying satellite images of the ice and trends over the years we believe we can safetly accomplish a never before travelled route by sailboat. In doing so we hope to bring about greater awareness to the changing climate of the Arctic as well as highlight never before explored areas by sailboat.

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