Friday, March 25, 2011

Brett on the Water - Yukon River and Mississippi River Experience Recommends NWP

Northwest Passage Anyone?

Perhaps your wife is driving you crazy, maybe your itching to do something new or maybe you just retired and realized your husband really is that annoying? Now is your chance to board a ship and take on a great adventure and leave all your troubles behind!
A few days back I received a very interesting email from Captain Douglas Pohl who presented me with an incredible opportunity. Captain Pohl is leading a 10,000 nautical-mile expedition from Mobile Alabama over the top of the world through the fabled Northwest Passage to Astoria Oregon. I would love to go but I have to keep focused on my own projects so I am passing this opportunity on to you.
The challenge of leading expeditions is just as much about finding the right people as it is raising resources. This was true for Shackleton, and it has been true on all my expeditions as every member was responsible for paying their own way. For this expedition the same applies. The voyage costs are being shared by the entire crew – about $80,000 at this point in time or $1.00 a nautical mile/person – and there is room for four more people.
You didn’t think I write a blog about a free trip did you? Forget the money, this is truly an incredible opportunity and one that is worth racking up some short term debt or borrowing from your RRSP for the chance to part take in an epic expedition across the frozen (yet melting) north.
If your interested please contact Captain Pohl at
See you on the water,
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