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Where is Resolute NU Canada - read boattest Silver Dolphin seatrial

Picture of the Week - 10/27/2010  
Each week we receive photos of our members enjoying their boats all over
the world -- from the Kimberley on Australia's remote and rugged northwest
coast to Uganda's Lake Victoria. Our readers love seeing them all, in the
process discovering not only new places, but also boat builders they
(and we) have never heard of. This week we received some pictures from members which are about as far removed from the normal
boating scene as one can get. Clue: they have one of the shortest boating
seasons on planet earth.
Picture of the Week
To find out where these three men are cruising and the month of the year, break the ice...
Randy Nungaq wrote:
This shot was taken while out in Barrow Strait near Resolute Bay, Nunavut. Picture of myself
(Randy Nungaq) captain, my son (Sheldon Oqallak) near the stern, and a friend (Greg Kalluk)
passenger. This is on a 2008 20 foot Silver Dolphin Cuddy Cabin, which is welded aluminum
and powered by a 150-hp Honda outboard. Picture taken on July 29, 2009. Notice the ice.
Picture of the Week member Randy Nungag with friends and family waving as they leave 
Gascoyne Inlet, Devon Island -- the largest uninhabited island in the world.
Picture of the Week
Randy Nungag and friend after refueling in Arctic Bay, Baffin Island on August 4, 2009. 
The boat is a Silver Dolphin 19.5 aluminum boat built by Fab-Tech Industries, Inc, located in 
Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada.
Picture of the Week
Sat photo of Resolute on Cornwall Island, Nunavut, Canada. In the 1950s this was the 
location of a DEW (Distance Early Warning) Line base and because of its long runway is now a 
commercial air hub of northern Nunavut. Yes, that is ice in Resolute Bay at the lower left.
Picture of the Week
Arctic Bay, Baffin Island,Nanuvut, about 250 miles from Resolute, as the arctic tern flies.  
The bay is all ice. 
Picture of the Week
Resolute ("A") on Cornwall Island is the home of member Randy Nungag. 
He and his crew powered across the famous Lancaster Sound ("C") to Arctic Bay ("B"), Baffin
 Island ("F") about 135 miles east. Gascoyne Inlet ("E") is just northeast of Beechey Island 
("G"), the last known winter-over place of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition in the early 1840s. 
Devon Island ("D") is home to musk ox and polar bear, but not people.
Picture of the Week
"A" marks Arctic Bay on Baffin Island, "B" is Resolute on Cornwall Island, and "C" is 
Peel Sound which ended up being the key to the Northwest Passage. Thanks to global warming this 
sea way is now mostly passable in August and the ice breaks up in early July.
[If you have pictures of your boat in a remote, unusual, or particularly picturesque 
place, please send them with a description to as we would 
love to share them with our members all over the world.]

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