Saturday, April 2, 2011

ON POINT - From AGLCA Forum - What is your personal FUEL sensitivity?


I have been living and cruising on my boat full-time for 16 years. Overall,
it is undoubtedly the most pleasing, relaxing, and frugal lifestyle on the
planet. I simply would not trade my life and lifestyle for anyone or
The great "thing" about cruising the Great Loop, is that is has a great way
of equalizing all of us. Doesn't matter how new or old your boat is, how
big or little it may be, the number or size of your engines, or even your
sails. . . We cruise it, and we average about 50 miles a day. . .
regardless of the type, size, or vessel we are in.
For me, when fuel prices go up, I simply slow down. . . I may stay put and
sight see more then usual, I may anchor out more instead of staying and
paying for space in a Marina. . . Bottom line, it makes me take the time to
enjoy the sunsets a little longer.
For those that let the price of fuel prevent them from going now. . . I can
only say it isn't going to get better. It never has in all my 63 years, so
I don't know why anyone would think it will now.
I suggest if you can't afford the fuel, you have too much boat, or the
wrong kind of boat. There are plenty "out there" that will do the Loop
safely and comfortably at the average pace, on a gallon of fuel an hour or
Yes, you can put a pencil to it all you want. . . but truth is, getting on
your boat for a long-distance, long-term cruise is much, much more a matter
of faith then finance.
For most, if it's not the cost of fuel, it will be something else.  If you
don't have the faith in yourself and in your boat. . . you might as well
forget about ever cruising anywhere.  Otherwise, you need to go now while
you can.  With all the government finances in a mess, it won't surprise me
if the Loop is soon closed to all of us.


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