Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adventure and exotic cruises on offer

Cruisers who like the smaller boats, the ones that navigate the ports where no big ships dare to go, were disappointed when Cruise West closed its doors this year. Cruise West was a leader in small ship cruising on rivers in the U.S. and were famous for their small ship cruising in Alaska.
When the company shut down, the Spirit of Oceanus -- the largest and most luxurious member of its fleet -- terminated its world cruise in the Maritimes. While many attempts were made to find new financing, it didn't happen and Cruise West embarked on the process of selling the fleet.
Spirit of Oceanus was eventually sold to a Danish corporation and now will sail with the well-known adventure cruise company, Quark Expeditions, operating out of Toronto. In the fleet you will find everything from nuclear-powered icebreakers to the Spirit of Oceanus, which is now sailing as Sea Spirit. Its ships, trips and pricing can all be found at
The Sea Spirit is going through hull strengthening and will be based in Ushuaia, Argentina, the farthest major southern city in South America and the ship's home for proposed Antarctica cruises starting next month, according to the website.
The new owners describe Sea Spirit as the most luxurious of their adventure ships. The cabins are some of the largest you'll find on any ship, at 235 square feet, and are loaded with amenities.
Sailing at the bottom of the world does not come cheap. Starting price on this one is $16,999 for 20 days

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